A lifetime of collecting and restoring tractors

The entrepreneur Joan Bosch runs the Museu del Tractor d’Època in Castellbisbal where machines from all eras and models are exhibited.

Joan Bosch is a lover of tractors. He takes care of them, arranges them, restores them, paints them, collects them. It runs the Museum of the Tractor d’ppoca in Castellbisbal, an industrial warehouse of more than 2,000 square meters that breathes history from all corners. It has exhibited a total of 117 tractors from around the world, mainly from the United States and Germany, cradles of the world agricultural machinery. But it has not been something sought after, much less. Bosch worked as a farmer until he was 25, a business that started three generations previously. There he learned the trade and began to develop his professional and almost sentimental connection with these machines. In fact, some of the pieces that are exposed, are those that used a few years ago. “I have always had them in the farm where I live and some have a special affection.” This is the case of a tractor that draws attention by its color butane and dates from 1960. It is a German tractor that works with gasoil, brand Guthelfer and that was the first one that Joan used with only 16 years. “It is true that this is the most special of the whole collection because it has a very important sentimental value,” he says, staring at the orange machine in front of him.

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